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So, you’ve watched the last episode of that drama like me and you’re wondering why the sky fell on our collective heads? Welcome to the “Club of the 95%”: We were a majority, we were right and we thought the writer had received us 5/5. Still, we were betrayed and disappointed and royally screwed.

South Korea and Dramaland, we need to talk!

1 – Marriage means rules:

I personally don’t believe in the marriage institution but if you choose to enter it, you have to follow the rules. Or else it’s just a cosmic joke. I checked by curiosity the text with the standards wows than people use for their weddings. Let’s see how many rules were broken by that wonderful X2 husband:

“…treat yourself and each other with dignity and respect”. FAIL.

“Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness”. FAIL.

“Will you love and comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?” FAIL.

“take this ring as a sign of my commitment and fidelity to you.” FAIL. For the record, Soo-nam can stick his diamond ring in his ass: I will take the virtual ring of oppa anytime. Thank you very much. [Stupid doormat woman who didn’t got the hint: You got what you deserve!]

Also: I’ve never been to a South Korean wedding so maybe it’s different. Here, people can oppose a marriage if they have a valid reason for that (domestic slavery should do the trick, right?). If I were here at the 2nd masquerade wedding I would have played the wedding crasher with a Joker’s smile on my face.

2 – Divorce has been invented  because humans make mistakes:

– You’re a hot blooded male who discovers you’re into polygamy? Be honest with yourself and change your lifestyle: Divorce.

– You’re a woman abused by your husband AND your in-laws? (verbally, physically, emotionally…): Divorce.

– You meet someone you love more than your actual partner (ah, Impermanence… It’s a b***h, almost like Karma): Divorce.

Who would choose such a perfect, handsome, caring, smart, man for the next 40 years of her life? And he loves you. I forgot to say that…

3 – People NEVER remarry someone they divorced:

Why? Because it’s an awful, long, difficult experience, furthermore when a child is in the balance. Love exists without a reason: People can marry on a whim. But they NEVER divorce because they “feel it” on a beautiful day. They do it cause something essential in the relationship broke up. You know, those outdated notions of trust and respect… Forgiving? YES. Being stupid and staying attached to a millstone = NO WAY.

We all know leopards don’t change their spots. But writer, you want them to get married AGAIN?????? Because he gave a part of his frigging liver or whatever (I didn’t even wait for the subs, so maybe it was a lung: Sorry if I’m wrong readers) … Last time I checked (for those who care), the bastard looked fine and healthy. Now, I bet 20 $ on cheating husband returning to his old habits 2 weeks after the ceremony. (AWWW. But look! He has changed: He cooks now! He plays with his son!). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I must be a strange woman: I’d rather do 2 different mistakes than the same twice. Just to prove I have a brain you know…

4 – Finally: Writer and PD, you’re all cowards from the stone age!

The stability of the SK society won’t be shattered because 2 people decided to get separated. Birth rate won’t rise because they stay together either. I must also say I screw your Gods of Fate and all those superstitions you were trying to feed me. We are in 2012. I sincerely hope the youngsters of that beautiful country will make fun of that ridiculous ending like it’s meant to be: All the worthy women out there who are having a hard time in their marital lives because of such assholes as Soo-nam don’t deserve to be insulted with such crap. They must be boiling from anger like us. I hope this wreck of a drama ending will have ratings in its socks: The only good news is than now The King Of Dramas won’t have to share its viewers with this show.

Now, you’ll excuse me: I have to keep company to my Super Oppa who has a broken heart. We will drink together until we get completely wasted and we will wake up together on my Island, in my bed.

I will be happy to cook him a hangover soup. Not because I HAVE to (morality!) but because I WANT to (sincere affection!). And we will laugh like crazy, imagining those 2 losers together.

Please applaud the 2 clowns of that pathetic farce!

Oppa shippers, gambei! kampai! santé! salud!

You’re all invited on Mysti Island to celebrate that epic downfall with us!