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*Flashback*: The Jerk remembers the day Oska#2 put a foot in the grave: When he married The Queen, 10 years ago. The other members of the gang were already doing plans to open their offices with the money of the bride. Of course they were also interested in the beautiful (rich) girls who attended the wedding.

Conclusion: This wedding was a blessing for everyone except for the couple. I guess I can understand the bad mood of The Queen and the forced smile on Oska#2’s face.

Question 1: Why did they get married in the first place?

Question 2: Why this dried squid keeps following us everywhere?

DoomedGirl stayed awake all the night. Looks like the kiss given by The Jerk was destabilising. She talks to herself in her room, criticizing his technique, choosing her undies for the day and rumbling about her flat chest. Maybe someone should tell her about this:

The Jerk wakes up and starts panicking when he can’t remember the exact date of the day. He goes to his dressing and searches for his loyal recording pen.

NiceGuy has prepared the breakfast and The Jerk asks for details about the night: His memory losses have returned after 1 year and a half of respite. Nooooo! I don’t want to go there! He recalls absolutely nothing about the hug incident and NiceGuy tells him to listen to his recorder. If only he could remember where… *Recapper in denial* I volunteer to give him some of my neurons if it’s useful.

Architects and builders gather for work. NiceGuy can’t focus on the meeting and remembers the conversation he had with The Foe last night. She clearly told him DoomedGirl has a crush on him for years. He decides to have a discussion with The Jerk and aborts the meeting. The Jerk tests the waters with general questions and NiceGuy realizes he doesn’t remember anything about the hug incident. We learn he also knows about The Jerk memory problems. * Writer still in denial*.

NiceGuy tells him to find DoomedGirl first: She has the pen, the jacket and the shoes he bought for her. Plus some answers to his questions. The Jerk says he must be joking, she doesn’t mean that much to him: He couldn’t give her all his things like that. HEARTBREAK! A guy brings the keys for Betty which has been under repair and The Jerk says he will take his menstrual cycle leave day today. LOL! Wish we would have this here.

The Jerk comes to school to pick up DoomedGirl and he meets the Gentlemen Next Generation. Baby Jerk asks if he’s here to get revenge and is relieved to hear he is not the center of the universe. He kicks the tire of Betty appreciatively and says he must be rich. The Jerk hardly conceals his annoyance: He should just graduate or transfer or   jump off a cliff. Kill the annoying teacher and I will take care of the teenager.

Baby Jerk tells him to calm down, he was joking, nothing more. DoomedGirl arrives with her teacher friend from hell and scolds the brats. She corrects her attitude when she sees The Jerk waiting for her.

He tells her they are going to her house so he could retrieve his jacket. He even accuses her of being a thief once again and the poor girl doesn’t compute: He should be the one to apologize for what happened. She’s an old-fashioned girl and it was important for her.

The Jerk goes for the most probable hypothesis and asks if maybe they slept together. The phone of DoomedGirl rings and it’s NiceGuy. The Jerk takes the phone to answer for her and says he found his belongings, he will go now. He tells DoomedGirl they will resume their conversation later, after he listened to his pen. How to look like a patient of a mental ward.

The Jerk uses earphones to filter out unwanted noises and looks suspiciously at NiceGuy who seems uncomfortable on his chair. The Jerk hears the conversation he had with DoomedGirl …“If you can’t shake the feeling, then let’s do this…” He decides the “mistake” was made because he was irresistible and they both wanted a second round. Bwahahaha… 

DoomedGirl meets Timebomb and has confirmation: When he has a shock or goes through a stressful experience, The Jerk can have massive black outs, sometimes a whole day can be erased from his memory.

He tells her the health problem came when he was bankrupt for the third time: He had tons of debts, someone died and he was betrayed by “friends”. DoomedGirl asks if the recorder can work for a long period and Timebomb says probably 48 hours.


Verdict of the Doc for The Jerk: Nothing’s wrong on the IRM, it’s just the stress. *Sigh of relief* The Jerk doesn’t trust him: Modern doctors cite stress as the problem when they can’t find anything else. The Doc says memory loss can be a way for the mind to communicate with the body. Did something happen recently? The Jerk says he has a crush on someone: He is angry, depressed and jealous all the time. He could even cause an accident if he wasn’t careful.

Hehehe… You’re late Doc.

The Doc tells him love is the worst incurable disease and it can become chronic. The Jerk reacts like a proud drama-addict: If a cure exists he doesn’t want to hear about it…

DoomedGirl harasses her phone to catch The Jerk but he doesn’t answer his calls. He is too busy listening the end of the recording, quietly at home.

 He starts hallucinating and sees her passing by in a bathrobe. He hears the bathrobe falling on the floor and this is when things get out of hand. Slightly.

The doorbell rings and conveniently it’s DoomedGirl herself. It’s always better to have the real thing… He resets the pen and goes to open the door. She asks straight away if he listened to his recorder.

He lies to her and says he listened only to half of the file. DoomedGirl is relieved. Bwahaha… He is so mean. Did he heard the part when they kissed? He replies he must have done a good job if it’s the first thing she remembers from that night. She asks him to give her the pen but he refuses: She certainly wouldn’t do it if the roles were reversed! He catches the pen before her and a fight for the object starts. She stumbles and falls right on him, on the sofa.

All together: OH, YEAH!

She tries to get up but he literally grabs her by the collar. RAWRRR!

She asks him to release her or she will sue. He tells her she must know about his memory problems since she’s here for the pen: He would be judged irresponsible. He starts being serious and tells her he treated her coldly earlier not because he was indifferent but because he really didn’t remember the kiss he gave her. She says understood but he still doesn’t want to let her go: If she keeps pulling on her shirt he could see her Hello Kitty bra. Bwahaha… DoomedGirl wants to hide her shame in her hands and falls flat on his chest. Looks like it’s the lucky day for someone.

He finally releases her and tells her to leave quickly, or else she will be stuck… in the traffic. He acknowledges the lie only when she’s gone: He really wanted to keep her with him. The Jerk is going to be a Timebomb#2 if he keeps playing like this: A man can endure only that much frustration you know?

DoomedGirl decides to give back the red dress to Baby Fox, saying it’s too expensive and flashy for her. Baby Fox understands her concern and tells her it wasn’t that expensive: She could pay for it with her part-time job. DoomedGirl thanks her and tells her she will keep it then, to remember that special night. *flashback*:


NiceGuy is still pensive about the fact that he is “20 seconds guy”, the man DoomedGirl has a crush on. I don’t want him in the way of the OTP! Go find a greener pasture elsewhere!


The Foe has a shooting session for a golf clothing brand. The theme is Green Scandal. I guess bad publicity is still publicity. She goes to have dinner with her manager and the team and rejects a call from NiceGuy: He should have called earlier. Plus if she doesn’t answer the call he will come for her. Now, I’m really hating her. Is NiceGuy her dog or a slave? 

Of course, the good samaritan arrives to pick her up. He decides it’s better for everyone if he doesn’t enter her house and The Foe starts overthinking again: Is he afraid of meeting DoomedGirl? Maybe cause he likes her? NiceGuy retorts he didn’t do anything wrong: A nice girl likes him, why should he apologize for that? Amen! And please dump that witch. The Foe suggests to throw DoomedGirl out of her house and he tells her she’s going to lose her best friend. Coincidentally it’s her who calls him now. He tells her to wait for him at the bar where Oska#2 works.


The barman offers a cocktail and DoomedGirl asks about the boss. HotBar says he is the owner of this place but soon changes his tune when he learns who she is: Obviously she’s an ally in the war of disinformation against The Queen. LOL! I would stay neutral in that story if I were her… NiceGuy arrives and DoomedGirl mentions the question of the back hug immediately. She acts all cool and even tells him to badmouth her in front of The Foe if it could help softening her heart. I didn’t know that kind of Noble Idiocy yet… NiceGuy says he loves The Foe but she seems to understand him better.

DoomedGirl returns home and finds The Foe drinking some strong alcohol alone. She “informs” her than NiceGuy dropped her tonight to go have a drink with her. She wants to give her the infamous hoody but DoomedGirl refuses: She doesn’t need it. Plus she should know by now her jealousy has no foundation. The Foe tells her she knows about the gloves she ordered for him and also knows about the picture she keeps in her handbag. Is she waiting for them to break up so she could have him? Are they dating secretly already? YES, YES, YES! Happy? Grrrrr.

DoomedGirl answers she never did such a thing and she doesn’t want to act on her feelings anyway so she shouldn’t worry about her. The Foe drops her bomb: She already told NiceGuy about her crush on him, to see his reaction. You should send him to a brothel if you want to check his reliability, wacko! It’s the point of no-return and DoomedGirl says she believed they were friends. If she had known she would do this to her she would have confessed to him. Maybe she would have been rejected but at least she wouldn’t feel so humiliated.

Neither I. I will stop screencapping her from now. On strike!

Baby Fox arrives to work, followed by Oska#2. He wants her to call The Queen to tell her he’s living at her brother’s place like a monk in penance. Baby Fox tells him she doesn’t appreciate the situation either: She would prefer having Timebomb at home and him at The Jerk’s house. Oska#2 says it’s a brilliant idea! This way he would have been killed twice: By his wife and then by her brother.

DoomedGirl arrives just in time to save Baby Jerk from a beating: He felt asleep in class once again. The teacher from Hell hammers home:

You know what? I want this kid to be a genius like Will Hunting. He would be hired to work for The Jerk or for NiceGuy and become a successful entrepreneur. His only failure would be a bridge. It would crumble and kill 2 innocent drivers: Annoying teacher and The Foe. RIP. End of the story.


If someone among my readers is interested in psychology, look at the mirrored posture of both characters: Hands open upwards, one on the other. Meaning is trust, honesty and need to bond, to share. Someone has done his/her homework.

DoomedGirl asks BabyJerk if he slept well and he says no: He can’t because he always dream about her. Pffft. She asks what he does at night to be so exhausted during the day. She understands he doesn’t like studying but what she can’t accept is the fact that he doesn’t have a dream for his future either. As a punishment she gives him a book to transcript.

Timebomb leaves his work. He surprises Baby Stalker and Baby Fox together. His face is half “she grew up” and half “I’m losing her”. The kid wants to invite her for lunch: According to dramas it’s the correct way to repay someone when you’ve been invited in South Korea. They go for some chicken and Baby Jerk is amused by her manners. He asks if she dated a lot of guys. “Why? You want to be one of them?”. Baby Jerk answers by another question about her brother and Baby Fox starts suspecting the man: Did he hear about her family being rich? Did she tell him when she was drunk at the Club? Baby jerk tells her to pick one: Talking or eating. Cause he’s feeling sick watching her doing both at the same time. Bwahaha… Should we erase NiceGuy from the list of possible fathers?

DoomedGirl doesn’t want to go home because of the unpleasant company and decides to stay in her car. She watches baseball on her phone and has a beer in the other hand. The jerk passes by and decides to seat next to her without asking. I promise: There are locks on car’s doors. He gives her the computer he bought to replace the one he drowned with coffee and notices her dark mood.

DoomedGirl tells him than she’s been busted by The Foe. She also told NiceGuy about it so now the secret love is known to everyone in town. The Jerk says it’s a good news for him but she kills his hope in the egg: She doesn’t want to see him either anymore. His answer:

She tells him she’s a modern woman despite her looks and now she wants to date younger men. Ouch! She has a job so she’ll never starve and she wants to have fun for a change. The Jerk is left speechless for the first time in his player’s life.

Timebomb and The Jerk are now at home, both in deep thoughts. Timebomb starts cursing younger men.

The discussion degenerates when both men try to establish who knows his “girlfriend” better. Timebomb says he knows Baby Fox from the cradle so the point is for him. The Jerk retaliates with a trump card: A man who imitates the Girl’s Generation’s dance in a public place must be messed up in his brain. *Shoo, shoo, shoo!* SHAME!

At NiceGuy’s home we have a major crisis: Oska#2 uses 6 towels each day and Baby Fox is fed up. NiceGuy scolds her: If she had given him just one in the first place she wouldn’t have to cause a riot in the morning. Oska#2 decides to use his social status to win the fight:

Not sure about the validity of the argument right now…

Niceguy has another problem: He asks Oska why he always steals his panties. The answer is: “Baby Fox ones are too tight for me.” Ewww, the images in my head… Anyway, the cohabitation can’t last forever and the cheater calls his wife to set a rendez-vous for a serious talk. Someone is really playing his last card here. 


The Queen arrives and sees her apologetic husband kneeling at the church. He decides to confess his sins to God in her presence and she asks if it’s the last trend for cheating husbands who want to go back home: He betrayed her by sleeping with other women but the worst sin in her eyes is that he didn’t respect her love for him. She doesn’t fall for the false tears and turns around, leaving the church like an iron lady. Yeah for brave women who are not doormat!

Baby Fox and DoomedGirl go together to buy the cake for Timebomb’s birthday party and the teacher excuses herself: She can’t come but she will pay for the cake. When the night comes, Oska#2 arrives first, accompanied by 2 call girls. Sorry for the wording, but it’s exactly my impression. Enters Timebomb and NiceGuy, also shocked to see Baby Fox in the room. Looks like the men wanted an adult party, SANS baby chaperon. Awkward… Oska#2 saves her by saying he was the one who invited her. The Jerk arrives and recognizes the guests:

Oska#2 tries some corny poetry but the two women seem to be cleverer than what I thought: Why those 4 men are still single? “Because a jewel shines better by himself”. Please just stop, even me the queen of syrup can’t handle this.

Baby Fox tries to take the commands of the party and NiceGuy can’t stop scolding her: She should just shut up and not drink and… Basically disappear on the horizon. Baby Fox starts crying. All she wanted was for her oppa to have a nice birthday in her company. NiceGuy doesn’t want to listen to her and grabs her arm to take her outside with him. OK, her decision wasn’t the smartest but she’s 24: She’s not a doll you can drag as you please anymore, big bro or not. 

Timebomb decides he has enough and finally explodes: He chooses Baby Fox’s side.

Thank You Sir!

 To be continued…


How to re-use the most bothering cliche of all times in dramaland: Amnesia. Kudos to the writer who has the guts to do so and can bring a fresh idea. I said in some of my comments on the web than this drama is a pure comedy but here I have to correct myself: Real complex emotions are surfacing and I find myself caring and worrying for the characters. For me, this drama is repeating the crazyness of Secret Garden: There is definitely a fantasy flavor floating in the air and at the same time it feels very real. A miracle is a miracle. But when an author can give life to 2 miracles, I don’t know which word to use anymore. An image comes to my mind:

The sofa scene has instantly become one of my favorite scenes of all time: Play, rewind and replay until the comp asks for mercy. Being able to “design” a scene which is at the same time cute, thrilling, funny and sexy is just wonderful. I hope it will give ideas to others…


The toxic roommate from Hell: Narcissistic and self-destructive at the same time. Who thinks she can buy your friendship with money. My God, I’ve experienced something similar and waited too much before running away and cutting the ties. That scene with the hoody handed to her like a trash bag? I had this hateful feeling of déjà vu. My advice if you’re living with someone like this: Those people never change, they only get worst. Leave and don’t look back.