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“A woman’s crisis is a man’s opportunity”

If you need a reminder for the nicknames: It’s HERE.

We start this episode with our gentlemen in a pool hall. They use rock, paper, scissors to decide who starts: The losers will have to pay for a seafood royal meal. It’s a dirty war and people gather around them to watch and arbitrate. The best shots are even filmed in slow-motion and the background music is a ballad sung in Cantonese. So awesome. The winners are NiceGuy and Timebomb: The Jerk and Oska#2 are cleanly executed (we even hear the shotguns). The Jerk as a loser has to go back home in slippers of shame. We hear him thinking: “Adolescents never mature, they just get older.”

This show is about confessions, so here is mine. Since the beginning of this drama I have a fantasy: I want to see this new Rat Pack playing poker in Las Vegas. Neat suits, sexy girls massaging their shoulders, cigars, deadly bluffs and all the panoply. An improvised wedding would top the cake. Kim Eun-sook ssi, save me from my misery…

*Previous night*: Attorney Kang and Timebomb are passengers of a car and talk about their personal life. Miss Kang asks him how does it feel to see someone from birth to adulthood. He replies he has mixed feelings. She asks if he knows Baby Fox likes him and she can’t have her answer: Timebomb sees DoomedGirl waiting anxiously on the side of the road and proposes to help. “Seems like you have found your knight in shining armor”. This is the moment chosen by a stupid guy to hit the car through the rear. DoomedGirl can’t believe her eyes: The Jerk has willingly smashed his car and his face is distorted by jealousy. Everyone gets out to check the damages. The Jerk’s face when he realizes the awful truth is priceless:

He decides to play it cool and endorse the responsability: After all he did this to prevent a certain woman from getting in the car of a stranger.

The Jerk takes DoomedGirl with him and they start one of those ping-pong conversations. She tells him she can’t go back to her house because of NiceGuy and The Foe and he asks if she’s trying to seduce her. She asks him to drop her at the closest jimjilbang but he doesn’t like the idea. Sometimes pictures are better than words to explain:

Bwahaha… Is it hot in here or what? 

They arrive to the residence hotel he already used for her when she was drunk. DoomedGirl asks if he doesn’t want to look at his car first. He bravely says it’s not important… Before caving in and crying like a kid who broke his favorite toy: His poor Betty! DoomedGirl just laughs at him. I would say it’s a bad idea: The man is sensitive and resentful.

DoomedGirl is dead tired and heads straight to the sofa. The Jerk remarks she feels at home and he likes that: “Women who feel comfortable in my lair are sexy”. OK, it’s a corny player’s line and I should cringe but I just love it. Don’t judge me. DoomedGirl tells him to stop his lame jokes and he says she has misconceptions: He is always serious when they are together. We hear someone at the door typing the password and DoomedGirl is in alert mode. The visitor is NiceGuy and the poor woman must feel like he is following her everywhere. The Jerk tells her to hide in the bedroom. NiceGuy says he wants to rest a few hours (!!!) and The Jerk says sure: He will be in the bedroom to work if he needs something. DoomedGirl starts talking in a low voice: If NiceGuy is here it means she can go back home. The Jerk plays the shame card: She would have to explain to NiceGuy why she was hiding in the bedroom of a man in the middle of the night… LOL!!! We have an hostage here. NiceGuy asks for headache medicine just behind the door and the startled mouse goes to hide behind The Jerk.

She’s clutching his arm and nestling against him, and the man can’t hide how much he likes that. He decides to take a shower even if she finds the idea inappropriate, being trapped in the room and all. DoomedGirl continues her journey to Hell: NiceGuy wants to ask something and come into the room since obviously The Jerk can’t hear anything under the shower. What should happen actually happens and she retreats in the bathroom where The Jerk is stripping.

Bwahahaha…. I’m sure he didn’t premeditate the thing at all. He takes his time putting back his shirt and then sandwiches her against the door in order to reply to NiceGuy.

RAWRRRRR!!!! Nosebleed, Selfcombustion. Flatline.

NiceGuy finally decides to leave and go for a drink and The Jerk tells him to be careful: “You know I love you, right?” NiceGuy calls him crazy. He can’t know the confession is directed to a woman.

Once the entry door is shut, doomedGirl pushes him and goes to fan herself in the bedroom. You might want to try one of those:

The Jerk asks if she came in the bathroom of a man taking his shower without an idea in mind. She answers he perfectly knows it was to hide herself: He is the one with a dirty mind. The Jerk has this exquisite line:

“A woman in distress is a man’s opportunity”. 

She calls him a gangster and asks him to lend her some money so she could go home at last. He opens his wallet and she sees her graduation picture. He tells her he took it from Baby Fox album:

“I’m learning how to be in a one-sided love properly.”


The night doesn’t turn like he wanted to and The Jerk goes to have a drink with NiceGuy and Oska#2. The men want to know who was the woman in the residence hotel: NiceGuy saw the purse in the bedroom.

Timebomb joins in and wonders if he should confess or stay silent. Oska#2 doesn’t like the idea of unshared secrets and threatens to stay silent about his future conquests. The guys say it’s a good thing, this way they won’t fear his wife reprisals. Oska#2 says he will live his life like he wants to anyway and the guys decide to make him swallow his wedding band. 


NiceGuy comes back home and finds Baby Fox asleep on the carpet.

She reeks alcohol and mumbles things about her oppa. DoomedGirl arrives home at dawn and is caught red handed by the Foe: Is she late or early? DoomedGirl says she is returning now cause she knows NiCeGuy is not at home anymore. The Foe is paranoid and asks how she knows that. DoomedGirl lies and says she just met him on her way home. The Foe says that indeed Seoul is a little city…

She goes to the golf training camp and is asked by a reporter who wants to know about her professional projects: He heard she would soon lose her sponsor because of her bad results. The Foe decides to feed the vulture in order to get rid of him: She has a sponsor because of her good looks, not because of her victories. She immediately regrets her sarcastic reply but it’s too late…

Brainstorming session for NiceGuy and The Jerk: A client has hired them to design a huge leisure park on an artificial island but there are technical problems and soaring costs.

I want to see this, life size, before the end of the show…

Of course our architect decides to start from scratch and the guys on the team want to kill themselves: It will be the 14th blueprint. Geniuses are known for being unbearable… The secretary announces a guest for The Jerk and NiceGuy says there is only 2 possibilities: “Oppa, take responsibility for me” or “take responsibility for me, oppa”. The team leader who took the glass in the face expresses his admiration and The Jerk remarks he is energetic today: He should stay to work overtime. Hehehe…

The visitor is the latest girlfriend of The Jerk. She promises not to do a scandal and The Jerk replies her secretary will be disappointed: She likes corny melodramas. Bwahaha… Dumped girl came to give him back the shoes he bought for Unrequited Love in the first place. This way their break-up will be nice and clean. The Jerk says thanks and precises he might be an ass but he never lied: He really loves DoomedGirl. Dumped girl tells him a man without a heart is worst than a man without manners: She hopes Unrequited Love will make him suffer and she will cheer for her. Looks like everyone is the unrequited love of someone else in that drama…

Timebomb has a lunch with The Jerk and misunderstands his sad face. Could he be remorseful for the accident? The Jerk counter-attacks: He looks more sorry than him for attorney Kang. Are they going out, do Baby Fox know about this?

NiceGuy joins them and is furious. He just learned about the ripped contract and the 200 000 $:They are businessmen not patrons. The Jerk explains he would do it again, even if the contract was for 2 millions $: The bastard injured one of his men. NiceGuy starts cursing the filthy client and we hear the censor buzzer for long seconds. Gentlemen, really? NiceGuy asks if they really can’t retrieve their money and Timebomb  says The Jerk can’t have a cent… But NiceGuy as the constructor can be paid for the work done. He didn’t tell The Jerk until now cause he didn’t apologize to him for all the mess. Our lawyer has a moral code and holds grudges? NiceGuy says he will substract the 200 000 $ from his salary anyway and The Jerk tries to save himself like a guilty husband: Here, have some meat…

Oska#2 gets back home and is awaited by his wife: She found the bill for 20 water purifiers. Is he in a relationship with that Baek Hae-joo? He tells her she made the story by herself.

If he was her lover he would have bought handbags or diamonds. He bought water purifiers cause she is a divorced mother raising kids with health problems and he knows her from high school years. Period. She calms down and sees the wedding band which magically returned on his finger. Which means… He pooped it!

Ewwwww! and also bwhahahaha…

Baby Fox works quietly at the cafe when an unpleasant customer comes in: Attorney Kang. She orders for her and Timebomb and Baby Fox says she will serve them at their place. They start a tug of war for a saucer and the attorney slaps her hand to make her let go. Not a smart move I agree, but the kid was really annoying: If she wants to say hello to her oppa she doesn’t need the bill as a lame excuse. Her stalkerish manners are getting old. 

Timebomb arrives and wants to know what’s the matter. Baby Fox says the ahjumma just hit her. The attorney offers to apologize and Timebomb says no need, he will talk to her later anyway. They sit down and he asks the attorney about her health: How did it go at the hospital? Ick. I feel Noble Idiocy coming our way.

Baby Fox calls DoomedGirl to ask what happened last night after she left the Club. Teacher says it was all an adventure without giving details. She stills feels the heat on her cheeks because of that sexy bathroom episode. DoomedGirl hangs up the phone and almost bumps into her troublesome student, Baby Jerk.

The misfit tells her he will skip class today: He is suffering from a broken heart because of her and needs to see the nurse for a treatment. Unrequited love is really the motto of the day… Baby Jerk and his gang climb over the wall to escape the school and lands right in front of their Ethic teacher, who awaits them with a baseball bat.

They decide to go back the way they came: Over the wall. Looks like the Gentlemen Next Generation are here…

NiceGuy prepares everything to work at night and the secretary tells him she has something to show him: A defamatory interview recently published about his girlfriend.

He finally finds her at her favorite spot. She asks him why did he come and he tells her frankly it’s because of that stupid article. She goes to consult her phone and he takes it from her, afraid of her reaction. He actually destroys it and gives her a grizzly back hug: He loves her and it’s all that matters. Cute!

The Jerk and Timebomb at home. Timebomb tells his friend he can’t understand why DoomedGirl loves him. The Jerk says she didn’t confess to him. Yet. Is this why he crashed his car? To make his point? Timebomb says he just acts like a child having a crush. The Jerk says he shouldn’t criticize him, at least him and Baby Fox are honest with their feelings. Timebomb is just a coward who enjoys Baby Fox attention and refuses to choose a side: Friend or lover. And one truthful truth, one!

The day after, Baby Fox comes to see him as a lawyer: She wants to sue attorney Kang and will pay the fees accordingly. Timebomb tells her she is just acting like a brat: He can’t see why attorney Kang would hit her deliberately. Baby Fox explains like this:

He scolds her and she tells him to spit the truth and act like a man: If he doesn’t like her he just has to reject her clearly like he would do with any woman, 24 years old or whatever.

Baby Stalker arrives to the HQ cafe and sees Baby Fox at the door. He witnesses her bumping into attorney Kang in order to get her revenge: “It hurts? Oh, sorry!”

Oska#2 comes to see his wife at a painting gallery.

She starts asking him about the 25000 $ Sport’s Club membership he signed recently. He justifies himself by saying she likes men who have good bodies.

The Queen: “Other women like them too. And my husband who has a nice body likes those kind of women. Other women and me exclude each other.”

Furthermore, everyone knows cheating men use health clubs as an alibi: They can turn off their phones and schedule their dates. It’s also convenient to explain the shower and the fresh clothes when coming back home! She should write a book about her marital life, I swear. The bastard says he never thought about that (lol!) and he turns on the charm to stop the unpleasant conversation. He even gives her a quick peck.

Worst timing ever for a love text message sent by one of his women. The Queen asks to see the phone and he uses the lamest excuse ever: “It’s a man! With hairy legs!” Bwahaha… He decides to use the same tactic than NiceGuy: He throws the phone on the floor and stomps on it. Now I know why Samsung and LG are flourishing economically. The Queen tells him she doesn’t care about the phone, she just wants the chip anyway. Yep, you’re dead and buried. She takes off her wedding band and it’s time for the last card: He calls her noona and get on his knees, pleading guilty.

NiceGuy and Oska#2 meet at the phone store. Oska#2 asks his friend to house him for a few days: He is in trouble again and this time it’s because Baby Fox, that little minx. Niceguy acts like he is deaf. Rather dying than upsetting The Queen. Oska#2 can’t take it anymore and decides for a radical measure: He proposes Baby Fox to become a double agent for him. Lol Brilliant! 

She agrees, at one condition: She doesn’t want to see Timebomb at her workplace anymore cause something happened. Guess who comes in? Timebomb says his friend he should change his part-time worker: This one is not pretty. Oska#2 says it’s the opposite: She just became pretty today. Hehehe. Another customer comes in: Baby Stalker.

He reminds Baby Fox she offered to invite him for a meal so here he is. Timebomb is already planning his rival’s painful death in his head. Bwahaha.

Baby Stalker stares at the men with laser eyes, wondering whom of those gentlemen is his father, and Oska#2 gets scared. Maybe he thinks he is the legit boyfriend of one of his mistresses? Bwahaha. Let me quote John Connor and say: “What a mess in our heads…”. Timebomb says he will keep an eye on him whatever the reason is for his attitude. He seeks shelter in his office and can’t help thinking about the kiss on his cheek.

Baby Stalker and Baby Fox have their meal and she asks why his name is Colin since he grew up in Japan. Well, he was born in the US. She tells him to speak formally but he doesn’t care. He says he has a question for her and she replies she doesn’t have a boyfriend but likes someone. Next question? “You must think you’re really pretty!” He wants to know what is the link between her and the ahjussis and she tells him they are oppas to her. She knows them since she was born.

He tells her the oppas are old men for him and she gets mad. He really should use honorifics properly, starting with her: She’s a noona! She asks him why he is so interested in knowing his brother’s name before hers. Smart girl…

At home, DoomedGirl muses over the gloves she bought for NiceGuy. She was excited like a school girl then. The Foe is in rage after reading the trash article. DoomedGirl recalls the nice house where she met NiceGuy. Is he really from a wealthy family?

The Foe is surprised. As a teacher of Baby Fox all these years she should know this, no? Plus they always wear clothes which cost an eye. Basically she calls her stupid. Why do I feel like at one point DoomedGirl will leave that hostile house to live with a jerk? Don’t know, just a female intuition… Humiliated DoomedGirl borrows The Foe’s jacket and goes to buy something to eat. She’s in a hurry and doesn’t notice The Jerk who was about to knock on the door.

Look at the message on the hoodie…

He bought her an expensive pair of shoes and compromised to save her pride: He will pay for them in 14 months installments so she doesn’t have to feel burdened. He wants her to wear them every time she comes to his place and just for him.

Awww… Puppy eyes!

NiceGuy arrives and sneaks behind DoomedGirl to hug his girlfriend… Oh, no! 

Of course it’s the moment chosen by The Foe to get out and we have all the ingredients for a mass murder.

The Jerk takes off the jacket and gives it back to its owner but the suspicion still lingers in the air. The Jerk grabs DoomedGirl by the arm to go and breathe elsewhere. The Jerk and DoomedGirl walk in a park, with cherry trees in full bloom. 

Look at the matching clothes! White and blue!

The Jerk says it’s no big deal, The Foe will understand eventually. She doesn’t worry about that but tells him than what just happened shocked her deeply. She feels like NiceGuy is still holding her, even now. The Jerk says he knows the best therapy for that kind of trauma:

EEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Me happy! 

He takes his jacket off and almost ties her up with it, the message is clear: MINE! He tells her than what just happened was far more real than the accidental hug. Starting from now, he is the center of her universe.

At home The Foe asks NiceGuy if he really didn’t know about DoomedGirl crushing on him. I grant you that: NiceGuy is a bit slow. And that’s why he ended up stuck with such a pain… She wants to know about his feelings: Is it just an accident for him? Does he see her as only a friend?

The poor luxury heels are still waiting for DoomedGirl in the yard, clearly pointing to the exit. That symbol is just so nice: Time to walk out.

The Rat Pack gathers to drown their problems and Oska#2 asks what’s the reason for the long faces. Are they bankrupt? Did a woman appear with a child? I love that he knows they are living with that sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. Is one of them suffering from a deadly disease? Shut up, ominous bird!


NiceGuy tells the all story and the other two ask for a new bottle. LOL!

DoomedGirl takes a bath to sort out her feelings and we see her memories of The Jerk appearing among bubbles.

You can feel physically the one-sided love dying, slowly replaced by a more meaningful affection. So beautiful.


This episode was my favorite so far. The balance is perfect between comedy, bromance, romance and character exploration: None of the 10 meaty characters is one-dimensional or sacrificed for the others. The front lines are moving and I can’t predict what will happen next. And I like it! A rom-com smartly written is definitely what I need now.

You know a drama is a keeper when some scenes stay engraved in your head: Too many to cite here. I did a lot of dialogues transcription and actually controlled myself: So many memorable lines…  Long live the good pop-corn dramas! Give me MOARRR.


I’ve never seen so much product placement inserted in a story so organically. Drinks, clothes, phones, cars: Looks like all the SK brands wanted to be part of this drama. Quite a sign of trust in the story and in its writer.

The ratings are good and getting better!

credit: koreandrama.org